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(A kind of reptile species) Dong, delicious but endangered Dong is a lizard like reptile species. You can find them around sand dunes, especially in coastal provinces of Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa & Binh Thuan. The reptile runs away very quickly when faced with danger, so people call it dong, which in Vietnamese means “to […]

Snails dishes in Saigon

Gourmet Saigonese and tourists will never forget the city’s various snail dishes. It has been known for years that streets popular with foreigners often  house famous snail eateries, but many snail establishments have scattered over the downtown and other districts as snails have become a Saigon specialty. The most well-known snail eateries and streets are […]

Giá (Bean sprout)

Bean sprouts in Vietnamese dishes In Vietnam, bean sprouts are used as popular additive food in meals and can be found in all markets and supermarkets. They can be eaten fresh like other vegetables or used as an ingredient in dishes like cha gio (Vietnamese spring rolls), banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) or canh chua (sour soup). […]