(Cham Tower)

Cham Tower, a world heritage

The World Heritage Road in central Vietnam has been talked about, far & wide, especially by international tourists wishing to explore the unique character of the region’s heritage site.

When visiting Quang Nam Province, you can explore the My Son temple ruins.

Just up the road lie the ruined temples & towers of My Son, which were registered as a world heritage site at the same time Hoi An. Here the Champa people worshipped their Hindu deities in elaborately carved temples. Erected from the 4th to 13th centuries, My Son lies at the heart of the Champa Kingdom & still bears signs of foreign influences, especially from India, & the Kingdom’s impact on Southeast Asia.

Lying in a seemingly timeless valley, My Son exerts the aura of the once magnificent culture. Visitors can feel the power behind a civilization represented by ruins & the extensive group of temples that remain standing with an inner sanctuary to Shiva.

The first serious archeological work was conducted by a Frenchman in 1898, & these days many of My Son’s ornate temple carvings are housed in the elegant Champa Museum in Danang, safe from looters & the ravages of time & weather.


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