Snails dishes in Saigon

Gourmet Saigonese and tourists will never forget the city’s various snail dishes.

It has been known for years that streets popular with foreigners often  house famous snail eateries, but many snail establishments have scattered over the downtown and other districts as snails have become a Saigon specialty.

The most well-known snail eateries and streets are in downtown. The very notable snail street is adjacent to Food Center Restaurant on Tran Hung Dao Street, District One. This snail street has been known for years as there are many snail shops on both sides of the street. The prices arte reasonable and the dishes are delicious.

There also are Ky Dong Snail Eatery and Nguyen Thien Thuat Night Snail Street in District Three. These familiar places are frequented by both young and old, from students to middle-age women. Large group fill these places in the evening to eat and drink beer late into the night.

If diners prefer high-end restaurant, Ben Thanh market, District One offers many high quality snail dishes. “Cheap things are no good”, is the slogan at Ben Thanh, where many actors and actresse gather at their favorite snail shops to fill their stomachs after long hours of working. Hot-cheese-fried snail dishes are made with snails so small that it’s hard to tell whether you’ve gotten at all the meat or not.

Most of these places are open late. At the beginning, they aimed to meet the demand of beer-drinkers, but now they serve all people as snail dishes are preferred all over the city by all classes. As snails are rick in vitamins and minerals and low fat, people can eat as much as they want without being afraid of getting fat.

Each eatery has its own alluring features to guests. In addition, these eateries always offer other foods like shell, shrimps, crabs, and the like. Thanks to their unique taste, Saigon snails are bound to hold their reputation for a long time to come.


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