Bến Đục, Chùa Hương

(Duc Wharf, Huong Pagoda)

Ben Duc, Yen Spring & Huong Pagoda

From Hanoi, visitors can reach the Huong Pagoda by taking a car to Ben Duc, the entrance of Huong Son Range in My Duc District, Ha Tay Province. From there they take a boat along Yen Spring.

If you travel in the early morning when there is still fog, you feel as if you were in the paradise.

It is interesting that the water of Yen Spring is very clear but its wharf is named Duc, which means muddy. So when the tourists ask why, residents explain that their ancestors wished to allude to their belief that before starting the trip to pagoda, the souls of visitors are muddy. They become clean during the boat trip to the pagoda.

During the trip you can see Yen Spring with the green of rice fields on both banks, trees that provide a blaze of red flowers, & the twinkling mountains & hills beyond. Along the stream are mountains with the shape of the mythical dragon, kylin, & tortoise. This way leads to Cho Quay, the waterway’s terminal, where Cho Pagoda stands. From the quay, pilgrims can walk about 5km on a mountain path to Huong Pagoda.

The Hong Pagoda Festival, Vietnam’s biggest religious festival, lasts from the sixth day of the first to the third lunar month.


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